Night Reign: Forged with Iron

Iron 2
In Which a Scumbag is Confronted/Appeased.

The games proceeded, and the bouts were nothing special until the Primus match – between a gladiator from the Magnus ludus and another from the Regios ludus. The king honored Proculus Corbolo, owner of the Silver Wind Trading Company (the parent company of the Shadow Wind Trading Company), with the choice of whether the loser of the match would live or die.

The Magnus gladiator won, and Corbolo gave the thumbs down. There was a moment’s hesitation, and then the Regios gladiator lacked a head.

In the noble’s gallery above, Rinoa and Brenn Wllson stormed out, and the king looked on curiously.

Iron 1
In Which Lydia Receives a Mysterious Note.

A group of vaguely acquainted people in Drev were in the Red Hawk tavern on 49 Summer, 2980. A major gladiatorial competition held once every 5 years was scheduled to begin the next day. A page boy entered the bar wearing a white tabard displaying a rook on the front – identifying him as a courier. He placed a scroll upon the bar next to Lydia and left without a word.

Here’s what it said:

51 days after summer, the water boils beneath the coiled snake’s lair at the highest point of the moon.

She puzzled over the cryptic missive for a time, seeking the assistance of Calleo the scribe, Nym the information broker, and a couple of others. Still, the most interested in the note (aside from herself) was Ursha, a raging murdercat and sometime gladiator.

Session 2: Not Without Cost
In Which the Battle for Havenshire Concludes.

The defenders rushed over to the Parademis residence and found a handful of Bone Guard on the front steps. The leader wore full plate armor and wielded a large, heavy polearm. Elros picked off one of the lesser Guard while the others advanced on the invading soldiers.

The officer spun his weapon around effortlessly in a dazzling display that gave the nearer of the defenders pause, as fear of his evident prowess gripped them. Dorian was the first to engage the Bone Guard in melee, but his first strikes were hesitant, weak efforts. He was injured by a stray sword thrust, and Haggin channeled healing energy to keep the cavalier conscious.

Juke stayed on the fringes of the combat, but Malachi chose a more foolhardy approach, moving in to engage both a soldier and the officer, despite his fear. A bold move, but ill-advised, and he was soon kissing dirt courtesy of the Bone Guard.

Session 1: For Havenshire
In Which the Butcher's Centuria Arrives.

A brief war council meeting was held to discuss last minute preparations. Many suggestions were thrown about, before it was decided to try to funnel the attacking troops along three paths in the town. Everyone set to work blocking off alleyways and establishing choke points, and no one got more than a couple hours of sleep.

* * *

Dorian stood his ground in a clearing amidst the houses of Havenshire. Haggin stood just behind him, and Juke lurked hidden nearby. The old woman Obaba leaned against the house to the north, while Elros and Malachi stood atop houses to the west, bows ready.

A group of The Butcher’s footmen marched on their position, and though a couple fell to arrows before they could engage with the defenders, soon the melee began in earnest.

Prologue (Part 2)
In Which Revolution is Fomented.

Elros informed the others that Jolial of Krul was being tortured in one of the Bone Guard tents. Malachi thought that someone should be told, so rushed off to find Redick, and Juke followed.

* * *

Dorian simmered, grumbling about a rescue attempt, and he began to hatch a plan with Haggin and Elros about starting a fire on the far end of Boneguardia™ to cause a distraction. The cushani thought maybe the tavern that the Bone Guard would be a better target, being farther from the place the rescuers would need to be.

* * *

Redick wasn’t home, but his wife Solaria told Malachi and Juke that he had gone to talk to Winston Oakar, Dorian’s father and Malachi’s uncle. They went to the Oakar residence and found both men there. After they’d finished the story of Jolial, the rebellion in Calideer, and the bag of contraband, Winston instructed them to fetch everyone who had heard the bard’s tale as well as his belongings and return to the house. Quietly. They rushed off to comply.

Prologue (Part 1)
In Which Two Strangers Come to Havenshire.

1 Autumn, 2979

Winston Oakar spoke to his son Dorian about leaving Havenshire because of continuous tax increases. The disgruntled youth left the house, bound for the nearest tavern – the Grouse Feather Inn.

* * *

Elros encountered Jolial of Krul on the path near Havenshire. The elf recommended the Grouse Feather Inn as a place to stay, and they walk toward town together.

* * *

Juke spotted a warhorse in the town, and overheard Bone Guard soldiers talking about a stranger in town – Tetheus Egaine, the squire to Alidor Quzar, also known as the “Butcher of Halidus.”

* * *

Malachi was awakened by Parris, the crippled son of his mentor Redick. They returned to the Parademis household, and Malachi was assigned the task of determining his avatar.

* * *

Obaba was visited by the seneschal Wretch and informed of taxes owed by the end of the tenday.

* * *

Haggin was likewise visited by Wretch, only he was told that he owed back taxes – an even larger sum.


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