Night Reign: Forged with Iron

Session 1: For Havenshire

In Which the Butcher's Centuria Arrives.

A brief war council meeting was held to discuss last minute preparations. Many suggestions were thrown about, before it was decided to try to funnel the attacking troops along three paths in the town. Everyone set to work blocking off alleyways and establishing choke points, and no one got more than a couple hours of sleep.

* * *

Dorian stood his ground in a clearing amidst the houses of Havenshire. Haggin stood just behind him, and Juke lurked hidden nearby. The old woman Obaba leaned against the house to the north, while Elros and Malachi stood atop houses to the west, bows ready.

A group of The Butcher’s footmen marched on their position, and though a couple fell to arrows before they could engage with the defenders, soon the melee began in earnest.

Juke threw a knife from her hidden position, but the blade clanked off Bone Guard armor, so she retreated behind the cushani. Dorian stood firm, and put his sword to work, while Obaba cast spells from the side and the archers contiued their assault. When half the soldiers had fallen, the fighting grew too intense for the bowmen to have clear shots, and so they climbed down from the rooftops and joined the ground fight.

The Bone Guard would not go down without a fight, and the defenders took some injuries in the fighting. But they did not stay injured, thanks to Haggin and his newfound connection to the Sun. Divine magic resealed wounds and soothed the pain that had come along with them. It was only a matter of time before the combined steel and magic made an end of the invading force.

Once they had defeated that contingent, the Defenders took stock of the situation around the town as best they could. To the north, they saw the old guard of the Viridian Order skirmishing on horseback against the Butcher’s cavalry. To the south, several members of the Order of the Lion were being hard pressed by footmen. The defenders quickly decided they could do more good in the southern situation and swiftly made their way there to lend their support.

Primus Decanus Yuris von Haderstall saw them coming and pulled a few soldiers off the line to intercept the reinforcements. The two sides clashed, and even more magic flew, causing the Bone Guard leader to drop his burning sword and even abandon his dagger when Obaba caused it to cleave to his armor. It was not long before Dorian managed a killing stroke, and though Juke fell dying from a greatsword slash, the cushani revived her with little effort. The wily rogue rejoined the fight and put the business end of her rapier into the gaps between the soldiers’ armor to satisfying effect.

The Order of the Lion seemed to have their situation under control after the defenders’ assistance, so once more they looked around for places they could help. Then they heard the scream from the Parademis house…



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