Redick Parademis

Malachi's Magus Mentor


Redick Parademis
Male Human Magus 7/Water Circle Dancer 3

Height: 5’8” Weight: 169 lbs Age: 54
Eyes: Grey Hair: Black Skin: Fair

Redick Parademis was born in 2925 (age 54) to Deedrick and Alishia Parademis in Rylos, Sadire. At an early age, Redick desired to follow in the footsteps of his father and become a famous Circle Dancer. Deedrick had achieved a Tier I Silver Rating from the League of Circle Dancers before his retirement. At the tender age of 16 and ten years of training, Redick applied to the League in Gateway for membership and lost his entrance match which resulted in his membership being denied.

Not willing to let his dreams slip through his fingers, Redick joined a mercenary company out of Gateway to hunt treasure and protect caravans on their way to Helvada. For five years Redick lived on the road and gained a vast amount of experience fighting the undead and rogues in the dead lands of Ilium. Finally, in 2946, Redick reapplied to the League for membership and easily won his entrance match.

For the next nine years Redick lived in Gateway and fought League matches and tournaments. He was twice named the Bronze Champion during the annual Circle Tournaments and was given a Silver Rating by 2955. Redick did not find as much success in the Silver matches during the circle tournaments, never finishing above 10th place before the Reunification War ignited across the realm.

Like many Circle Dancers, Redick became a mercenary during the Reunification War and fought for the Kingdom of Solis for five years until a Heaven Knight crippled his leg. Though Redick escaped the battle, the wound never healed correctly and he was left crippled. When Solis was defeated at the end of the War of Retribution, Redick settled in Havenshire with his winnings and mercenary funds that allowed him to buy a small house and live comfortably as a breeder of the Salarian Blacktip, a prized house cat from his homeland.

In 2963 Redick married Solaria Asolin in a quiet ceremony in Havenshire. A year later their first born son Parris came into the world, but was born with deformed legs and is barely able to walk. Unable to pass on his Circle Dancing legacy, he has picked up a promising student who has shown enthusiasm and raw talent.

Redick Parademis

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