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  • Femalachi

    |*Height:* 5'8"|*Weight:* 175|*Age:* 17| |*Eyes:* Gray|*Hair:* Short, pale, spiky|*Skin:* Pale| !{float:right}http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y243/Kalenthor/Night%20Reign/Malachi_zps8bb0f861.png! h4. Description Malachi stands a few inches shy …

  • Elros

    No one quite knows where Elros is from, with Lothanewi being the most likely but he has never said. He appeared in town 20 years ago with little traveling gear and just stayed. He makes his living as a guide, bowyer/fletcher, and huntsman, but generally …

  • Redick Parademis

    |*Height:* 5'8"|*Weight:* 169 lbs|*Age:* 54| |*Eyes:* Grey|*Hair:* Black|*Skin:* Fair| !{float:right}http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y243/Kalenthor/Night%20Reign/Redick.png! Redick Parademis was born in 2925 (age 54) to Deedrick and Alishia …

  • Dorian

    |*Height:* 5" 10"|*Weight:* 180|*Age:* 16| |*Eyes:* Blue, Piercing|*Hair:* Lank, Blond|*Skin:* Pale| !{float:right}http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y243/Kalenthor/Night%20Reign/Dorian.png!

  • Jolial of Krul

    Jolial came to Havenshire on the 1st of Autumn, 2979 and told the villagers a tale of revolution in Calideer. Shortly thereafter was detained by [[:tetheus]] for questioning.

  • Tetheus Egaine

    Tetheus came to [[Havenshire]] on 1 Autumn, 2979 to prepare for the coming of his master, the so-called "Butcher of Halidus." He arrested the bard [[:jolial]] at the Grouse Feather Inn and began interrogating the man.

  • Haggin

    |*Height:* TBD|*Weight:* TBD|*Age:* TBD| |*Eyes:* Gold|*Hair:* White Tiger|*Skin:* N/A| h4. Description Details forthcoming... h4. Background Details forthcoming... h4. Personality Details forthcoming... h4. Common Expressions …

  • Winston Oakar

    Winston Oakar is [[:dorian|Dorian's]] father and [[:malachi|Malachi's]] uncle. On 1 Autumn, 2979 he and his old friend [[:redick]] fought and killed Bone Guard soldiers to protect their families and friends. Thereafter, he became a leader in the local …

  • Yuris von Haderstall

    Primus Decanus Yuris von Haderstall engaged the adventurers during the assault on [[Havenshire]] by [[:alidor]] and his forces. He was slain by [[:dorian|Dorian Oakar]] during the skirmish.

  • Solomon

    |*Height:* 5'10"|*Weight:* 180|*Age:* 45| |*Eyes:* Brown|*Hair:* Short, Salt & Pepper|*Skin:* Dark| !{float:right}http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y243/Kalenthor/Night%20Reign/Solomon_zps6da65931.png! h4. Description TBD h4. Personality …