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Location: Havenshire, Solis
Population: 1,134 (mostly human, mix of elf, dwarf)
Military: 1 centuria (100 bone guard), 1 centuria (100 conscripts)
Exports: Wool, Metalwork, Solarian Mastiffs

Ruler: Lord Jiro Kazu
Centurion: Ragulus Carvurus
Primus Decanus: Yuris von Haderstall
Prominent Families: Haderstall, Rainfeather, Vespus, Wolcott

Places of Note

Midnight Hawk Inn
Lakeside Tavern
Grouse Feather Inn Caters mostly to locals
Shrine of Iridan the Bold

Local Historical Lore

The town of Havenshire was founded in 2413 by Farlon Oakar, a retired knight of Solis. With his wife and large family, he settled along the Griffin River near Sunset Lake to raise mastiffs, sheep and wheat. Though Farlon had retired from the Viridian Order, he has happily passed down his skills and knowledge to his sons for them to continue the Oakar tradition of joining the Destiny Knights and the Order.

Over the next twenty years, Oakar’s fine wool and prized mastiffs became hotly sought items across Solis and people and knights came from across the realm to purchase the items. Eventually, a town began to grow around Oakar’s estate to take advantage of the Griffin River and the lush pasture lands. When Oakar finally became too old to run the estate, his son Aarlon took over the business and was later joined by his brother Darlon when he retired from the Viridian Order. For over five hundred years the Oakar family has ruled over the land which began to grow in size due to the kind lord and good pastures for sheep. The Wolcott and Haderstall families brought metalworking to the growing town, using the river to power the great mill. Everyone lived in peace and harmony away from the busy cities of Malister and Solis City. It was a haven for the relaxed and thus the people called their home Havenshire.

When the Reunification War came to Solis, the sons of Oakar and Vespus quickly mobilized with the Viridian Order to defend the country. Most of them never came home. Though the town was too small to be considered important, the people of Havenshire had no soldiers or knights to defend their lands when the Empire eventually came to claim their spoils of war. The Oakar family was removed from lordship and a new imperial lord was put into power. The town has since been forced to increase metal production as the sheep herds have drastically reduced due to the eclipse.

Since the end of the Reunification War, Havenshire has remained a mostly quiet town, far away from the busy streets of the inner cities and the metropolis of Gateway. Most of the founding families have stayed on their lands and grumble quietly as they pay their taxes to the Ilium Empire. The ruling lord is not an overly harsh lord, though his strict business sense and unyielding loyalty to money and the Empire has more than once bumped heads with the townsfolk.

The Bone Guard of the town maintain their presence lightly as very little happens within the town to draw their attention. Though they make their homes in the new quarter of the town just to the south, they can commonly be found at the local bar having a drink or playing dice in their off time. Though they are given a long leash during their off duty time by their centurion, it is only because of the harsh training and drills that he puts them through Helvadan training regiments to keep them fit and their skills sharp. Like most Helvadans, Centurion Carvurus is a honor-bound, no nonsense soldier who takes pride in the craft of warfare. Those that have gotten to know him are surprised to find out that he carries no love for the Empire, but simply admits that his people had been defeated by a superior force and therefore, it was only logical to now serve them to become superior himself.


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